ŠKODA In Top Form

Keeping Your ŠKODA In Top Form

Modern SKODA vehicles are much more sophisticated than their vintage counterparts.  They’re highly engineered, governed by an on-board computer, with complex electronics, silicon chips, and advanced engines. While we believe our SKODA Service Centre in Perth is the very best place to maintain your car, there are some sensible practical things you can do at home to keep your car in good order in between professional services.

Little things can make a difference
It may sound surprising but there are simple checks you can do yourself which can really extend the life of your car and tyres and keep it safer and more dependable for you and your family.

Having the correct tyre pressure means your tyres wear longer, you’ll achieve better fuel efficiency and improved handling which may even prevent accidents.  When you check the pressure also check for signs of wear or damage.

SKODA Servicing Tip:Check the manufacturer’s manual or look inside the driver’s door sill for the manufacturers tyre placard to make sure you have the right settings.

Regularly checking the engine oil is simple.  First make sure the car is parked on a flat surface. Locate and remove the dipstick. Wipe it with a clean lint free cloth and insert it again. Pull the dipstick out again and check the oil level. The oil mark should be between the minimum and maximum fill lines.

SKODA Servicing Tip:        For accuracy, check the oil level when the engine is cold.

Keeping your windscreen clean, both inside and out makes for safer driving.  A clean windscreen will reduce glare and ensure you can see any potential hazards clearly.

ŠKODA Servicing Tip: Even if it looks ok, clean your windscreen once a week – if you haven’t cleaned recently, grime can cause a haze which you will only notice when you’re dazzled by oncoming lights at night or when the sun is bright or low in the sky.

Book into your ŠKODA into your Perth Service Centre for its annual service
We love SKODA’s because they’re engineered and built to a standard that is so reliable we only need to service them every 12 months or 15,000km, instead of the more usual 6 monthly schedule. We believe less time in the workshop makes life simpler for SKODA owners.

Every Elite Euro’s SKODA service includes:

– Work which is carried out in accordance with manufacturer specifications;

– We use only genuine SKODA parts and fluids;

– Our experienced technicians are factory trained;

– Every service includes a diagnostic scan, complete vehicle inspection and safety check;

– Your logbook will be properly stamped and filled out, so you don’t lose track;

– We fix a service reminder sticker to your windscreen; and

– At the end you will receive a complete invoice detailing all work carried out and parts fitted.

In fact if it’s necessary to replace any parts, we keep them for your inspection.

Own a ŠKODA and live in Perth?  Call Elite Euro on (08) 9309 3636 for all your service and maintenance needs.

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