When you purchase a premium European vehicle such as an Audi, SKODA or Volkswagen, you can be confident that you’re making a wise investment. But did you know that performance tuning can take these already exceptional brands to the next level? Improve the performance of your vehicle, and you’ll also improve its reliability and fuel efficiency.

Perth’s performance tuning experts

At Elite Euro, we share your passion for these luxury vehicles, and we have dedicated our careers to servicing, repairing, and maintaining the finest international models. 

We are proud to offer a range of popular mechanical services, and this includes performance tuning and parts for your Audi, SKODA or Volkswagen in Perth.

Unlock your European car’s full potential

A professional performance tune can make a world of difference difference to the way your car runs. With our service we can improve speed, handling, torque, and braking ability. This will give you a safer vehicle with efficiency and power.

Standard factory tunes will readjust the basics, but we know your European car is capable of so much more. Our highly skilled experts can give you better performance overall, with faster acceleration, flatter cornering, faster lap times, and shorter stopping distances.

If you want a performance tune by a company who has the latest tools and technology AND truly knows your car, call Elite Euro in Perth.

The best cars deserve high performance parts

When you purchase your new car, it will likely be a factory standard model. While European vehicles are already exceptional straight out of the showroom, a few strategic adjustments can elevate your car’s performance.

Our team of qualified mechanics know that common changes such as modified exhausts, gauges, and shiny alloys can look good, but they won’t necessarily give you the added functionality you need. If you are serious about upgrading your car to get real results, it is time to call the experts at Elite Euro in Perth.

There are a range of specialised performance parts available and we have the right connections to ensure we have access to the best of the best. For example, we can enhance your Engine Control Unit to give your car a power boost. This is done by increasing the horsepower and torque. Safety will be a priority, and this could mean a new exhaust system and specialty brakes to support the extra power.

Increasing performance with parts requires a strategic approach. Each installed component needs to work seamlessly with other new parts, as well as existing ones. To get the most out of your engine you should only trust an expert and this is where our team at Elite Euro can help. We look at the bigger picture and plan the modifications based on the way parts interact with each other, and we have extensive knowledge and experience about what works. We know your car inside and out, and genuinely care about what we do.

At Elite Euro, our team can reprogram the basis of the controller to modify your car to suit your unique preferences. We have partnered with RacingLine Performance, a British company who are well known in the industry. The performance parts and tuning software from this brand are leading edge and are often featured in racing and rally cars used by the Volkswagen Group.

Achieving fine-tuned performance with the right technology

We take performance seriously and believe the right technology is worth investing in. By using our OEM+ (Original Equipment Manufacturer+) technology, you can calibrate your engine to maximise power and torque without compromising on fuel efficiency.

All of our work adheres to standard safety parameters. Making changes to your Volkswagen, SKODA, or Audi is something that should only ever be done by a professional. At Elite Euro, we have the skills, expertise, and enthusiasm to upgrade your car safely and effectively.

Get in touch with the trusted professionals for Volkswagen, SKODA and Audi performance tuning

In addition to our performance tuning and parts, we offer servicing and repairs of all Volkswagen, SKODA, and Audi makes and models. We provide an alternative to a traditional dealer service, as all of our work meets strict manufacturer’s specifications. 

We look forward to building a relationship with you, and when you choose us, you can rest assured that we will treat your car as if it were our own. To experience the Elite Euro difference and change the way you drive your vehicle, please contact us today

Our workshop is located in Wangara, Perth and you can call us on 08) 9309 3636 or get in touch with us here.