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Performance Parts – Price Is Just One Factor

Upgrading your car with performance parts to improve the car’s overall performance and handling is a serious undertaking and something that should only be undertaken by an expert. You may have read the mags, been to the shows and seen the YouTube footage of car mods that deliver amazing horsepower. What you rarely hear about is the blood, sweat and tears that can accompany major modification or an engine rebuild, when a carelessly chosen bolt on part has been used, or if the upgrades have been undertaken in isolation without considering the impact on the entire driveline.

Never Set Up To Fail

For any performance modification, you need to start with a comprehensive plan for the job. Talk to your mechanic, set your objectives and work out your budget. This is where the real decision process starts.

The internet is a wonderful thing and you will find thousands of sites offering performance parts at wildly different prices. However, selecting aftermarket car parts can be a minefield for the inexperienced or unwary. Some parts may look the same, even the packaging can look similar to a quality part. But that’s where the similarity ends…

Performance parts can vary significantly in quality and price, and as with most things, you get what you pay for. Realistically, taking short cuts or saving a few dollars on cheap performance parts is always false economy and is setting yourself up to fail.

Performance Parts Explained

Genuine Parts

A Genuine part is a component that was originally fitted to your car when it was new. It’s made by the manufacturer, specifically for their brand of cars. With genuine parts, they are designed for reliability and durability for use in a standard set up. Perfect for a daily drive but not designed with performance in mind.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM are parts made by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Again, they’re exactly the same as the part that was originally fitted to your car. They just don’t bear the logo. As stated above, OEM is perfect for a daily drive but not designed with performance in mind.

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts are made by a company other than the original manufacturer. They’re designed predominantly for the modified performance car market and can vary significantly in quality and price. There are many options and thousands of specialised parts out there, and we stock only the best.

Key To Success

Elite Euro is proud to partner with British company RacingLine Performance. They’ve been developing the highest quality performance parts and tuning software for Volkswagen Group race and rally cars around the world.

Whether you want to tweak your daily drive, or are planning a day at the track, the formula for success is simple, Quality Parts + Experienced Mechanic + High-Tech Performance Tune.

The Solution is Elite Euro. Entrusting your car to us means that your car will receive the attention only a specialist workshop can provide, with no short cuts.

Our technicians are factory trained professionals who are constantly building their specialist knowledge on all aspects of European cars. If you’re ready to experience the ultimate driving experience, call us on (08) 9309 3636 or arrange a time to call into our Wangara workshop.

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