Servicing Your Volkswagen

Servicing Your Volkswagen

If you’ve bought a Volkswagen car or light commercial, congratulations, you’ve purchased a vehicle with a great history and an enviable track record for reliability.  You have also acquired a vehicle built with the highly respected quality and expertise of German engineering.

This is why looking after your investment with regular servicing by an experienced mechanic who is a VW specialist, takes pride in their work and uses only genuine Volkswagen parts makes good sense.

It’s More Than Just A Car

Your satisfaction with your car is fundamentally linked to your relationship with its mechanic, and there’s nothing better than knowing that your car is in safe hands.  When it comes to VW servicing in Perth you need to find a specialist VW workshop that is:

– As passionate about your car as you are;
– Had great product knowledge and experience;
– Insists on using only genuine Volkswagen parts and top quality oils;
– Is trustworthy, reliable and honest; and*
– Doesn’t take short cuts to save a few cents.

When Should I Service My Volkswagen?

It’s important that your VW has its scheduled service based on either time, or distance travelled (whichever comes first). Your log book will tell you when your vehicle was last serviced and the mechanic will usually place a sticker on the windscreen to remind you when the next service is due.

Where Should I Service My Volkswagen?

A specialist VW workshop based in the Perth suburb of Wangara, Elite Euro mechanics are factory trained specialists, with decades of experience in looking after VW’s of every shape and size.  We perform superior quality log book servicing as standard for the entire VAG family of cars.

Naturally, all work is carried out in accordance with manufacturer specifications and we use only genuine parts and fluids.

The Elite Euro commitment to excellence means that every VW service includes a diagnostic scan, complete vehicle inspection and safety check.  Your logbook will be properly stamped and filled out and a service reminder sticker for your windscreen is provided.

The Elite Euro Philosophy

The management and staff at Elite Euro take pride in what we do, and our open and honest communication with our customers.  We say what we mean and mean what we say.  Before we start, every job is fully costed and a detailed quote is provided for your peace of mind.

We are happy to discuss any aspect of the job with you and will make sure you understand what’s involved.  When you collect your car you will receive an invoice which details all the work carried out and parts fitted.

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