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The Good Oil On Servicing Your Euro Car

If you’ve bought a new car from a main dealership, the chances are that you will have been strongly advised to take it back there for servicing. Someone might even have said in passing, “having your car serviced here is the safest way to maintain your new car warranty”.  The fact of the matter is that the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 gives buyer’s the freedom to choose who they want to take care of their car.  While this is great news for consumers, the old adage buyer beware still applies.

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is

Beware of cheap specials!   Realistically these offers are cheap for a reason, and that reason could cost you dearly down the track.  Some Perth businesses will offer to service your car at highly discounted rates and the savings have to be made somewhere.  The two most common reasons are because they use non-genuine spare parts and inferior oils and fluids or they employ unqualified or inexperienced labour.  Neither option is a good scenario for your car or its new car warranty.

Maintenance is vital

Whether it’s an Audi, VW, Skoda or any member of the V.A.G family of cars, your European car needs to be serviced and maintained regularly and preferably by someone who is an Audi, Volkswagen or Skoda specialist.  Missing a service is false economy as it could mean that you’re driving a car that has potential safety issues.  Plus, lack of proper maintenance is the quickest way to void your new car warranty.

Things to consider when shopping around

For peace of mind you should be confident the workshop you choose can provide a professional, level of service.  You want them to be experienced in working on V.A.G. cars and know all their quirks inside out. The technician working on your car must be properly qualified and experienced and importantly, then must use genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts.

The Elite Euro promise

Because we exclusively service and maintain Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda vehicles in our Perth workshop all day, every day, we know them inside out.  At Elite Euro our technicians are factory trained professionals who are constantly building their specialist knowledge on all aspects of European cars.  When you entrust your car to us you can be confident that it will receive a specialist service carried out to manufacturer’s specifications with no short cuts.  We’ll provide a comprehensive quote and will show you the parts which we replace.  Every Audi, VW or Skoda service includes a detailed diagnostic scan, complete vehicle inspection and safety check.  Your logbook will be properly stamped and filled out and we’ll put a service reminder sticker on your windscreen and if you’re a regular customer, we’ll even ring you to remind you that your service is due.

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