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Is performance tuning right for your European vehicle?

If you’re reading this, then you no doubt love European cars just as much as we do. You’ll also understand the importance of getting the best performance possible out of your pride and joy. And that’s where performance tuning for your Volkswagen, SKODA or Audi comes in.  

As one of Perth’s leading performance tuning professionals, we work with British company RacingLine Performance to bring you the highest quality software and performance parts for VW race cars in the world.  

Ready to know more? Then let’s get stuck in.

Braking ability

Brakes aren’t just for coming to a safe, smooth stop.  Performance tuning can dramatically shorten your car’s stopping distances.  Braking technology for street registered vehicles has come a long way over the past few years, and is capable of producing a lighter, stiffer brake caliper that you’d expect to find trackside in Monaco rather than on the leafy streets of Perth.  

If you’ve just given your European car a spanking new exhaust system upgrade, then you’ll also need specialty brakes installed to support all that extra grunt.

Exhaust systems

Speaking of exhausts, if you’re looking to modify yours to improve performance and sound quality, then perhaps it’s time to have a chat with our expert team.  

High power outputs are where it’s at, and a new exhaust will not only get your European car purring like a big cat, but will also increase fuel efficiency by keeping the air levels in the engine compartment optimised for more effective combustion. Giving you and your passengers a better ride.


Performance tuning these days is next-level, with carefully developed software that can calibrate a car engine to the point where it produces more horsepower and smoother torque.  Using the latest OEM+ (Original Equipment Manufacturer +) tech from RacingLine, our specialist team has all the skill and capability required to maximise the power output of your Audi, Volkswagen or SKODA.

When it comes to a complete engine refit, there are literally thousands of specialised parts on the market to help beef up your car’s performance. By looking at the complete picture, we’re able to plan and customise your engine modification to ensure it meets your individual preferences. 


Your European car is capable of so much more than the factory standard it was born with.  If you’re after more power to play with, then the crew at Elite Euro has got you covered.  From next-level engine hardware to chassis upgrades, our qualified team can customise a staged approach to modifying your engine, giving it all the power you want.  

Regardless of whether you’re looking to carve it up on the race track or just get some extra enjoyment out of your daily commute, Elite Euro will be able to put together a package to maximise your power output.    


The driveline of a car transfers power from the engine’s powerhouse right down to the wheels, and is one of the key components that handles the full weight load of your car.  As well as the wheels, it’s made up of the axles, joints and driveshaft.  You’ll know if your driveline is bad if your car is rattling or shaking all over the road, or struggles turning corners. 

So how can you improve it?  If you’re looking for next-level performance tuning, then customising your driveshaft may be the way to go.  As one of Perth’s top underbody specialists, our team are experts in custom-built driveshaft modifications that include performance shafts and chromoly shafts for high-performance strength and durability. 

We also perform reconditioning and electronic driveshaft rebalancing to ensure you and your crew enjoy a superior, vibration-free drive. 

Power handling

If you’re after flatter cornering and lighter handling under a heavy load, then beefing up your suspension might be the answer to all your prayers. Sophisticated suspension and braking upgrades are a great way to help you get the maximum performance out of your European car.

Whether it’s lowering the springs to give you better dynamics and a quality ride or sport dampers to guarantee superior road-hugging capabilities, there are endless ways to modify your car to improve its handling – without compromising on comfort, safety or efficiency.  

Our technicians are factory-trained professionals who specialise in all aspects of European cars. If you need advice or would like to talk to one of the most qualified teams in Perth about performance tuning or performance parts, call one of the team at Elite Euro in Wangara on (08) 9309 3636. 

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