Spark plugs in poor condition

Here’s what you need to know about your Audi’s spark plugs

How often should I replace my spark plugs? And what do I need to do to ensure my spark plugs last longer? Your Audi’s spark plugs are vital to the efficiency and safety of your vehicle, so it’s important that you regularly check and maintain them.

See below our quick guide on what you need to know about your Audi’s spark plugs.

Let’s get the basics covered first: What, exactly, are spark plugs for?

Spark plugs ignite the combustion needed to start any petrol car. They essentially ‘spark’ the electricity. Car manufacturers in recent years have begun to design spark plugs that are engineered to last. However, there are other factors that come into play when it comes to their resilience, such as driving habits and typical road conditions.

Any Audi lover knows that replacing parts isn’t always the cheapest exercise. To try to mitigate this, we’ve pulled together some ways you can keep your spark plugs as healthy as possible.

How to maintain your Audi’s spark plugs

Check them regularly

Don’t leave your spark plugs without regular checking and maintenance. You can find the spark plugs on your car’s engine – usually right under the engine casing. You can consult your owner’s manual if you’re struggling to find them.

Before checking your spark plugs, make sure to disconnect the wires and ignition coil for each spark plug. You can then use a wrench with a spark plug adapter to remove each spark plug from the combustion chamber.

To check the condition on your spark plugs, look for any signs of damage or wear and tear. The electrode on the tip of the plug should be clean and free from build-up. If they’re not looking great, you might want to consider getting a European car specialist to check and change them.

Make sure you’re using the right fuel

One of the major causes of spark plugin degradation is the usage of low-quality fuel, which leads to carbon build up. Low octane fuel will cause your spark plugs to be consumed quicker than their estimated mileage, which is usually anywhere between 15,000kms to 180,000kms (the latter being very high quality iridium spark plugs).

Know when to replace your spark plugs

Your car will likely make some telltale indications that your spark plugs are struggling. You may hear a rattling, pinging or knocking sound from the engine misfiring. If your car is having issues starting or misfiring, you should take your Audi vehicle to a Euro car mechanic to get it checked. Overall, you’ll find that your Audi has reduced power.

Another indication is poor fuel economy. Is your Audi using more fuel, but you’re making the same trips? Audis are known for fuel efficiency, so this is a pretty major red flag that there’s something up with your car.

If your car is showing signs that it may need new spark plugs, get in touch with the Audi specialists at Elite Euro to book in a service and potential replacement. You can also give us a call on (08) 9309 3636.