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How to keep your car running forever, according to a VW specialist

Made up your mind to buy your first Volkswagen? Despite what you may have heard, these luxury European cars can last you a good amount of time if taken care of properly.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some top tips from our VW mechanics on how to maintain and keep your car running longer.

Do your research on different Volkswagen car models

Before you drop thousands on a new car, it pays to do a bit of research on which Volkswagen model is best suited to your lifestyle and how much maintenance is required (and whether that fits your budget).

If you are buying a pre-owned Volkswagen, you might also want to check if that car has had any recalls and whether there are any faulty parts that need fixing or replacing. A quick Google search should bring up any known issues, otherwise you can bring in your second hand vehicle to be inspected by a VW specialist in Perth at Elite Euro.

Fill up with premium fuel once in a while

A Volkswagen will run just fine with regular fuel, but for certain performance models like the Volkswagen Jetta, their turbocharged engines run best with premium fuel.

Also referred to as ‘high octane fuel’, any fuel at your local petrol station with an octane rating of 95 and above is considered premium. While it will cost you more per litre, your car will also benefit from higher fuel efficiency and mileage and produce less emissions.

Check your car’s oil and fluids at least once a month

Your car’s engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid are all vital to keeping your vehicle running smoothly, safely, and working as it should.

If any of these are running low or need changing, you could be putting yourself in serious danger – without coolant, your engine could overheat and blow up, and without any of the other fluids, their respective parts could end up failing.

Doing a quick check of your car’s fluid levels and oil is highly recommended prior to setting off on a long road trip, and you should make a habit of it every few weeks in case you’re in urgent need of an oil change or top up on fluids.

Don’t worry if you’re not a car expert, though – our qualified VW mechanics are here to help you perform these routine checks.

Be gentle when driving

Yes, Volkswagens are a joy to drive, but we wouldn’t recommend taking it for a joy ride too often if you want it to last many years! What many car owners aren’t aware of is that bad driving habits can actually wear out your vehicle faster.

Simple things like slowing down and going easy on the brakes when approaching a stop line, turn, or going downhill will reduce wear and tear on your brake system. Avoiding hard acceleration and making sure you’re driving in the right gear is also key to avoid damaging your engine.

Get a trusted VW mechanic to service your car regularly

Haven’t found a VW mechanic in Perth yet for your first scheduled car service? Noticing the signs that your Volkswagen needs a service early on will do huge favours for your vehicle and wallet, as you don’t want a small maintenance issue to spiral into a big repair job.

Following your owner’s manual to the letter will ensure your Volkswagen car can continue running for as long as possible. To book a Volkswagen service at our Perth workshop, get in touch with our friendly team today on (08) 9309 3636.