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Power up your European sports car with performance tuning

If you’re heavy into the sports car scene, you may have heard about performance tuning from mates or online car enthusiasts. From exterior modifications to engine computer configurations, tuning is the process of improving your car’s performance and appearance. 

At Elite Euro, we specialise in performance tuning for Audi, SKODA, and Volkswagen cars. Customers come to us to tune their car for a variety of reasons – perhaps they want to improve their engine’s fuel efficiency and power, or they want their car to better handle curvy roads and upgrade their braking system.

Whatever the reason, our focus in tuning your car is to make it as safe, efficient, and enjoyable to drive as possible! In this article, we’ll talk through some of the most common questions and considerations around tuning and how our expert team can help you get more out of your prized vehicle.

Is it worth tuning my car?

Before investing in tuning upgrades, many customers want to know how big of a difference it actually makes to their particular car, and whether they’re truly getting value for their money.

This really comes down to what specific model of car you have and how you intend to use it. For example, if you’ve just purchased a stock-standard daily that you mainly use to drive to work and do the school pick-up, you likely won’t need the extra speed and power unlocked by an engine tuning. 

However, if you bought a sportier model to enjoy on weekend joy rides or to travel long distances, a performance tuning can mean increased torque for more power; faster take-off; enhanced braking; and a stronger, more fuel efficient engine that can easily handle the extra stress put on it.

Does tuning increase my car’s horsepower?

Yes! There are many different ways to tune your car to increase its horsepower, such as swapping out your stock exhaust with a larger sports exhaust, adding a turbocharger to your engine, or simply tweaking your engine control unit’s default settings.

The specific modifications that we would recommend to achieve this would be tailored to your car, while keeping in mind local car modification laws and safety regulations.

Does performance tuning affect my car insurance or warranty?

Nobody wants to spend a bucket of money modifying their car, just to find out that it voided their warranty or future car insurance claims. Generally, you should inform your insurer prior to making modifications to get their approval to go ahead.

To ensure that you continue to be covered for repairs under warranty, you should only take your car to an authorised vehicle tuning centre who uses OEM parts. 

Paying a little bit extra for genuine European car parts and the help of a qualified mechanic is well worth it, as your manufacturer won’t cover the cost of any issues caused by aftermarket parts or incorrect installation.

Talk to the Perth performance tuning specialists at Elite Euro

Now that you know the facts about performance tuning, are you ready to find out what your European sports car is really capable of? 

Our team of knowledgeable mechanics can help you boost your car’s performance and visual appeal, without compromising on safety or risking a fine from improper modifications. To learn more about our performance tuning process and pricing, call us on (08) 9309 3636 or contact us here.