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What Makes A Company A VW Specialist

If you own a Volkswagen (VW), you will understand it is so much more than a car. Marketed as “the People’s Car,” it is sold in over 150 countries, and in 2018 it was recorded there were 6.3 million VWs in the world. The iconic manufacturer prides itself on European engineering, and the vehicles are known for their reliability and technological advances.

The German VW is owned by the Volkswagen Group, who oversee other popular brands including the Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Audi, Scania, Ducati, and Lamborghini. 

All cars benefit from regular services, but your Volkswagen has unique features and a VW specialist is the best choice:

Meeting Manufacturer Requirements

When you purchase a new VW you will receive a 5 year, unlimited km warranty and 1 year roadside assist membership. To ensure these extras remain in place you can only use an approved repairer for your regular logbook services and part replacements.

As your VW specialist, Elite Euro meets the strict conditions set in place by the manufacturer. We will fill out your logbook correctly, and set a reminder sticker so you never miss a scheduled service. If you ever do decide to sell your car, the next owner can be confident the vehicle was cared for by an experienced mechanic. Whether it is a Beetle, Tiguan, Caddy, Fox, Atlas, or Golf, your German auto will be in safe hands.

Advanced Tools of the Trade

Technology has become a common feature in new cars, and maintaining this requires a high level of expertise. When you visit our VW specialist team your car will be serviced using the right tools of the trade. We offer a full diagnostic scan to flag any hidden issues, a thorough vehicle inspection and safety check. Knowing Volkswagens inside and out gives us the advantage to spot abnormalities that other mechanics may miss.

As your local VW specialist we have industry contacts, so repairs can be made on the same day. Only genuine OEM parts and fluids should be used to maintain the performance of the car. This also ensures the warranty remains valid.

Passionate Volkswagen People

Since launching in 1937, VW has become a household name. One of the most successful vehicles has been the Beetle, which was brought to life in the classic Herbie movie franchise. 

Your VW specialist will be as passionate about your vehicle as you are, taking the time to service and repair your car. Elite Euro offers a 12 month warranty on repairs, giving you the peace of mind that the work performed is to the highest of standards. 

If your VW isn’t running as it should be, small tweaks can be made to enhance the performance. This is a service not offered by other mechanics, as it requires a unique skill set and insider knowledge of the way your car operates.

Getting the best from your vehicle and increasing its lifespan is possible when you choose the right mechanical team. Elite Euro is your expert European repair centre in Perth, and maintaining Volkswagens, Skodas, and Audis is what we do every day!

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