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Volkswagen Maintenance: The Dos & Don’ts

When it comes to cars, there are few people out there more fiercely loyal to their vehicles than Volkswagen drivers.  With a massive fan base that spans the world, the obsession runs deep – and it’s little wonder.  

The famed German make is renowned for its affordability, reliability and sheer driving pleasure.  But like any doting parent, loving your VW also means you have a responsibility to look after it in the very best way possible.  

Here at Elite Euro, we’re one of Perth’s best-known VW specialists.  The team has put together a list of dos and don’ts for how to look after your pride and joy. 

The Dos

Change the oil often

As with any other vehicle, changing your oil on the regular is one of the fundamentals of car maintenance.  Frequent oil changes make sure your Volkswagen’s engine keeps running and is not left exposed to overheating.  

Always ensure the oil is of a good quality and suited to your VW’s model.  If you’re unsure when to change your engine oil, or what type it should be, check with your VW mechanic.

Service your VW regularly 

Booking your car in for a regular premium service with Volkswagen mechanics is vital if you want to keep the good times rolling.  Regular maintenance ensures your vehicle remains safe to drive for you and your passengers, and is a great way to maintain its value.  

But one of the most important reasons for regularly servicing your VW is that any minor issues can be flagged and fixed by your technician – before they blow out into larger, more expensive problems.

Use the right fuel

As a general rule, premium petrol is the natural choice for many VW rev-heads, but regular fuel will also do just fine.  It really all depends on the model of your car.  If you have a vehicle with a turbo-charged engine, you might want to invest in premium fuel.   

Higher octane fuel tends to run cleaner, meaning more power output for your VW Passat, Golf Sportswagen or shiny new Touareg R SUV (arriving on Australian shores soon).

It’s worth noting that 2016 VW cars have been listed by Volkswagen as suitable for regular fuel.

The Don’ts

Ignore engine alerts

If you’ve ever seen a new warning light appear on your dashboard, don’t ignore it.  Engine alerts are there for a reason, and are a clever way to let drivers know there’s an issue under the bonnet.  

Warning lights can flag a whole gamut of issues, such as a malfunctioning engine, brake system, power steering or cooling system.  Or it could just be that your windscreen washer fluid levels need topping up.

If you’re unsure what that worrying red light is on your VW dash, have a look through your ar’s instruction manual.  Or chat to one of the team at Elite Euro for some peace of mind. 

Service your car sporadically

Australia may not get the snowfalls of Europe, but we do get blistering summers.  By only servicing your VW every now and again, you run the risk of your engine overheating due to a radiator blow-out or coolant and oil evaporation. 

Servicing your VW on a regular basis is the 101 of any car maintenance to avoid potential car defects and ensure everything’s running in good working order – from the engine to the tyres.  

The last thing you want is damaged engine parts that cost a fortune.  Regular servicing can help avoid that. 

Use the wrong fuel

As outlined above, using petrol that the VW manufacturer intended for your vehicle is vital in the proper running of your car.  You’ll want to make 150% sure that the fuel you’re filling up with at the bowser is the correct one, or you’ll no doubt experience heartache somewhere down the track (or road).

When a car is driven with the wrong petrol, the engine may potentially seize, and parts of the fuel system can be destroyed.  If the cost of the parts comes in as too expensive, your precious VW  could even be written-off

If you have a newly-purchased Volkswagen, ensure you know whether it takes diesel, premium or regular fuel (or is a hybrid).  And if you’re unsure, have a chat with your local VW specialist.

When it comes to Volkswagen parts and servicing in Perth, Elite Euro are hard to beat. If you’d like to talk to one of our qualified VW mechanics about the best way to maintain your pride and joy, call our friendly staff on (08) 9309 3636. 

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