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Where to buy Volkswagen parts in Perth without getting burned

Looking for Volkswagen parts to modify your VW car or replace a failing part? 

Trying to find the exact parts you need locally can be hard, but so is getting good quality, reliable parts online. Many European car owners have been duped by online sellers who end up shipping them the wrong parts or a non-genuine product. 

So, if you’re not willing to take the risk of buying car parts online, your next question will likely be: is it hard to find Volkswagen parts in Perth

In short, this largely depends on the part you need and what your budget is. In this article, we’ll go through what your best options are and tips on how to order the right parts you need, the first time.

How expensive are Volkswagen parts in Australia?

If you’re looking for Volkswagen car parts in Australia, you have two choices: buying Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket parts. 

OEM parts are, as the name suggests, genuine parts made by the same company who made your car. While these are generally more pricey, you can be certain that they are of the highest quality and will help your VW car to run reliably and at the highest performance possible. 

Plus, they tend to be much easier to find at your local VW parts suppliers and come with a warranty.

Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are not made by the original manufacturers of your Volkswagen, but are instead produced by various independent businesses.

They may not look exactly like your car’s stock parts, but they will be designed to function just the same – and tend to be much more affordable.One potential issue with aftermarket parts is that they are made to be compatible with multiple other car makes and models, so they may not fit perfectly with your Volkswagen and, as a result, may not perform as well as genuine parts. They also do not tend to come with a warranty.

When figuring out the total cost of replacement VW parts, you should also take into account shipping costs when ordering online.

If you really want to extend the life of your VW and protect yourself from future costs of replacing and repairing parts of an inferior quality, we’d recommend opting for OEM parts.

Tips on how to order Volkswagen parts

If it’s your first time ordering car parts, here’s a handy checklist you should follow to ensure you get the parts you need as quickly as possible:

1. Research the part you need for your car.

Knowing what part you need sounds obvious, but it’s just as important to gather information about your unique vehicle to ensure you get the right fit. Some key details you’ll need to find out when using an online parts search system or talking to a local dealer include:

  • Car make, model, year, and series.
  • Whether your car is automatic or manual.
  • Your VW’s production code, which you can find in your car’s service book or its tyre well in the boot.
  • The OEM number of your old part, if shopping for new genuine parts. This number can usually be found on the part or via a parts search website using the information mentioned above.

Once you’ve got all of this information ready, you can start shopping around for parts to compare costs.

2. Look for reputable parts dealers.

This goes without saying, but doing a little digging around a dealer’s reputation for quality, reliability, and customer service could save you a lot of money and grief. Taking a quick look through their customer reviews and their history as a company can tell you a lot about their trustworthiness and ability to find the part you need.

3. Don’t forget extras like return policies and warranties!

Our final tip (particularly when shopping online) is to check out the supplier’s return policies and any warranties they offer. This could help you make a final decision on which supplier is worth handing over your money to.

Talk to Elite Euro about the VW parts you need

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