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What You Should Look For In Your VW Mechanic?

German car manufacturer Volkswagen is best known for the Beetle, also affectionately known as “the people’s car”, and the Kombi Microvan. However, these aren’t the only popular models in Australia, with the Polo, Golf, Tiguan, and Touareg all seen cruising our streets. So, what do you do if you own a Volkswagen and are due for a service or in need of repairs? You don’t have to take the vehicle back to the manufacturer, because a qualified VW mechanic can do the job for you.

In the following guide we discuss everything you should look for in your VW technician:

This Is What You Should Expect From A Quality VW Mechanic.

Only Genuine Parts

If reliability, efficiency,  performance, and safety are important to you, then the right components are worth investing in. At Elite Euro our trained technicians only use genuine and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spare parts and fluids. Genuine Volkswagen parts come with a 2 year warranty.

Not only will your vehicle be supported with high quality parts, but you won’t void your warranty by cutting corners. Beware of mechanics that offer “dirt cheap!” Volkswagen servicing and parts. This can be a sign that what you are receiving is inferior, and your beloved VW may suffer as a result.

Scheduled Logbook Servicing

In order to maintain your warranty and the perks of a new car, there are strict rules about who can service your vehicle. However, you no longer have to go back to the dealership, because qualified technicians can complete scheduled logbook servicing. 

Your mechanic should be qualified and experienced with European makes and models, and have the ability to service your VW according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Your service will likely include filter and fluid replacements, as well as advanced diagnostic checks.  Once completed, your logbook should be correctly filled in, and a reminder sticker placed on the window. 

Keeping up to date with these services will keep your VW in top shape, and ensure you meet your obligations for warranties and roadside assistance. Plus, it will give you a clear record of maintenance and checks if you do ever wish to sell your car.

Knowledge and Experience

Your VW technician should have extensive knowledge and experience. At Elite Euro our team live and breathe European vehicles, and we admittedly have a healthy obsession with Volkswagens of all shapes and sizes.

Skills and training are essential when it comes to caring for a set of VW wheels, as small tweaks can help to improve performance. Your mechanic should be able to communicate openly with you, and offer transparency in everything they do. 

High standards are more important than low prices, but you should always know what you are paying for. Hidden or unexplained costs can be a signal that you have been overcharged. Your mechanic should be honest and prepared to answer any questions that you may have.

Professional Performance Tuning

In addition to Germany, The Volkswagen Group manufactures vehicles in different locations across the globe. The list includes Russia, Portugal, Poland, Spain, India, and China. With everything from zippy, small cars to large family SUVs and buses, there is a lot for your mechanic to learn. This is why European car maintenance is a specialty, and something we have a sole focus on.

Your VW mechanic should be able to perform so much more than just a basic factory tune. With innovative technology and advanced tools, you should expect a professional tune that goes above and beyond. 

If you aren’t getting the most out of your vehicle, your technician can improve speed, torque, braking ability, and handling. Your Volkswagen is capable of so much more than what you get straight out of the showroom, and building a relationship with a team of experts can make all the difference.

Support for Preloved Vehicles

Brand new cars are not for everyone, and there is something special about a preloved Volkswagen. Your mechanic may be able to perform an inspection to make the purchasing decision an easier one.

At Elite Euro we offer this diagnostic service for just $220, giving you peace of mind that you are spending your money wisely. When cared for properly, a Volkswagen can stand the test of time, and we eliminate the risk of buying preloved when there is no warranty or guarantee.

Your car is your prized possession, and you shouldn’t let just anyone tinker with it. European cars have unique needs, and our trained technicians are the right people to call in Perth!  
Looking for a mechanic for your VW, Skoda, or Audi? Contact Elite Euro today!

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