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What Should You Know Before You Buy A Used Volkswagen Golf?

When you buy a used car, there is always a risk that what you paid for isn’t what you drive home with. Many makes and models will have common issues, and these usually present themselves over time. 

If you have a Volkswagen Golf on your preloved auto shopping list, there are a few things you should know before handing over your hard-earned money. 

In the following guide, we will discuss the pros and cons of buying used European vehicles, what to look out for in a VW Golf, and how Elite Euro can help you with your Volkswagen services.

About the Volkswagen Golf

Before we get started, we will give you a quick introduction to the Volkswagen Golf. This highly-rated vehicle has been in production since 1973, and it won’t be long before we see the release of the latest 2021 model.

The VW Golf is an affordable small car and is loved for its zippy driving and fuel efficiency. Newer Golfs come with advanced safety features and little tech extras such as driver fatigue detection, adaptive cruise control, a high definition screen, and keyless entry.

It’s an intelligent and cost-effective vehicle that comes with the advantage of European engineering.

Should you buy your golf privately or from a dealer?

If you aren’t looking to purchase a brand new Golf, you may be wondering whether private or dealer is the best choice.

Buying privately can be a budget-savvy option, and it is possible to get a good quality car at a bargain price. However, you will sacrifice a warranty that might come with a car bought from a dealer. 

The choice will be a personal one, depending on whether you have a car to trade in and your level of mechanical know-how.

If you have a VW Golf in mind, we can help with a pre-loved Volkswagen inspection.

What does the Elite Euro pre-loved inspection include?

If you want to eliminate the risk of buying a faulty car, Elite Euro is the team to call. As your European car experts, we can inspect your Volkswagen Golf before you commit to the sale.

The package includes a full inspection with a diagnostics test. For $220 you will have peace of mind that the car doesn’t have any hidden issues, which could save you a significant amount of money. 

As a mechanical workshop that specialises in European autos, we offer a Volkswagen service in Perth. This means we can continue to care for your Golf long after we have helped you make your initial purchasing decision.

What can go wrong with a used Golf?

While the Volkswagen Golf is known for its reliability and fuel efficiency, there are a few areas to focus on when purchasing a used model.

When you buy any used car, it is important to know the history. How many owners has it had? How many kms has it travelled? Does it have a clear, logbook service history?

If your budget allows, look for a car that was manufactured after 2012, as some of their predecessors have had engine faults.

The following is a list of other known issues. Please note, they can vary between models and years. If there was a specific recall, your preloved auto may have already been fixed by the manufacturer. However, it is important to double check. 

  • Rattling in the exhaust system
  • Leakage in the rear window
  • Declining fuel efficiency
  • A weak dual-clutch (DSG) gearbox
  • Faulty passenger airbags
  • Cracks in the brake servo pipes
  • ABS overheating

Does a Volkswagen Golf hold its value?

Of course, any car will start depreciating as soon as it leaves the showroom floor. But how does the VW Golf fair for value for money?

As a small car, the Golf is relatively inexpensive to buy new compared to SUVs and sedans. It will have a depreciation dip over the first year, but after that holds its value fairly well.

This is due to the high demand for preloved, small cars, and the Golf’s reputation for reliability and easy driving. The way the vehicle has been treated and maintained can have an impact on resale value. 

If you do own a Golf, you can trust Elite Euro to maintain it. With quality Volkswagen services in Perth, it will make the process easier if you ever do want to sell.

Are you looking for a Volkswagen Golf? Do you want to make sure you are getting what you pay for? Call us today and ask about our VW pre-owned inspections.

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