Here at Elite Euro, we are proud to have been selected as an Authorised ATE Brake Centre, as the preferred independent supplier of VW/Audi group brakes in WA.

ATE are a German company that designs & engineers brake components for all Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda vehicles on a global scale. They also make brake systems for Mercedes-Benz and Volvo and have been the leading manufacturer since 1926 when they invented the hydraulic braking system we see used today.

If you are tired of cleaning the black brake dust off your nice wheels and want your pads and discs to last longer, come in and try our Ate Ceramic pads!

Ate ceramics will eliminate the black dust, reduce brake noise, and last almost twice as long as the standard pad!  In addition, they will also increase the lifespan of your discs due to the unique way they create friction.

We are so confident in them we offer a 3 year/50,000 km warranty against any defects if you fit your discs and pads at the same time. And yes, the warranty covers the discs as well, and is fully backed by Ate.

Dealerships will charge similar prices for standard pads (often ATE!!) and won’t be able to offer our warranty even on those!

Stop constantly washing your wheels and call  (08) 9309 3636 to book your car in for new Ceramic brakes today.

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