The interior view of a Volkswagen car, featuring the steering wheel and information display.

A guide to the latest tech in your new Volkswagen

In the world of automotive technology, Volkswagen continues to improve their features and innovations that make them the car that they are today.

Your dedicated VW specialists in Perth, Elite Euro, are here to guide you through the latest tech that comes with your new ride.

The infotainment system: Performance parts Perth

The future of driving is now at your fingertips, quite literally. Say goodbye to buttons and hello to motion navigation with Volkswagen’s advanced infotainment system.

This system allows drivers to navigate through the car’s features, all while keeping your eyes on the road.

With VW’s infotainment system, you can adjust the volume, change tracks, or answer a call, all without lifting a finger from the steering wheel.

VW’s assistant systems

Active info display brings you futuristic dash control

Volkswagen is now bringing in a new active information display, a feature that puts you in command of your dashboard and allows drivers to customise their display themes whilst still keeping the gauges visible.

Adjusting settings and accessing information like the GPS system right in front of your eyes is all a part of the new active info display and creates a unique experience for Volkswagen owners.

To find out more about VW’s assistant system, contact our VW specialists at Elite Euro today!

Improve your driving experience with adaptive chassis control

Feel the road like never before with adaptive chassis control. Thanks to the customisable driver modes, your Volkswagen adjusts to your driving style, the new modes includes driving styles such as normal, sport, comfort, and individual tuning. So whether you prefer a smooth cruise or a fun drive, your VW adapts to meet your preferences.

For your safety, the adaptive chassis control also has a feature that automatically responds to the road conditions as you drive, giving you the safest driving setting based on the road as it adjusts to all the bends and bumps in the road.

Safety first: testing for maximum protection by VW specialists

Your safety is our priority. Volkswagen’s cars undergo testing procedures to ensure they provide maximum protection on the road.

From crash tests to durability assessments, these tests simulate a spectrum of collision scenarios, from frontal impacts to side collisions, ensuring that your Volkswagen is meeting all safety standards.

The engines of Volkswagen

At Elite Euro, we understand that every driver has unique needs.

That’s why Volkswagen offers a comprehensive range of engines, euro parts and transmissions to suit your specific requirements. Whether you prioritise fuel efficiency, power, or a balance of both, your Volkswagen is tailored to meet your driving needs.

At Elite Euro, we also offer performance tuning, to further customise your car and driving style, chat with one of our VW mechanics today to find out more.

DSG transmission

Silky smooth in automatic mode, and effortlessly responsive when you desire manual control – that’s the power of the Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) transmission. This system has two independent clutches, ensuring lightning-fast gear changes that seamlessly transition between automatic and manual modes.

The DSG’s millisecond precision enhances passenger comfort while maintaining exceptional performance. Consistently delivering torque, this predictive transmission not only increases your fuel efficiency but also remains impressively responsive and agile.

TSI engines

These TSI engines eliminate the need for compromise between performance and efficiency.

Exhibiting torque at low revs, TSI units prove ideal for diverse driving conditions. The inclusion of lag-free turbochargers, and in some cases, superchargers, allows the TSI to reduce engine sizes and emissions.

TDI engines

The TDI family of diesel engines by Volkswagen ensures efficiency, refinement, and power. These diesel powerhouses are known for their impressive economy. Utilising direct fuel injection and turbochargers across various engine sizes, TDI engines deliver substantial torque without lag.

Equipped with diesel particulate filters and designed for economical operation, each diesel engine from Volkswagen is crafted for enduring performance and efficiency, showcasing a commitment to a sustainable and enjoyable driving experience.

Your trusted VW mechanics in Perth

As your trusted Volkswagen specialists in Perth, Elite Euro is committed to ensuring you make the most of these new VW technologies and parts.

To ensure your VW stays in top condition, get in touch with Elite Euro to discuss servicing, Volkswagen parts and more with one of our VW mechanics today.